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“SoHuNu?™ is a freeform interactive puzzle containing ten questions on a single theme. You place the answers on a numbered grid on your terminal, laptop or notebook screen - and you should be done by lunch-time’s, coffee break’s or journey's end!

“This twice-a-work-week interactive puzzle has a button which reveals letters one by one if you’re in a hurry and there's a timer if you want to compete with someone… and each SoHuNu?™ has a prize! So use that REVEAL LETTER button often.”

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NOTE: This web site is supported by voluntary subscription. You are invited to try out the puzzles and, if you wish, pay what you feel this site is worth. The MorningMaze is published daily, the “SoHuNu?™ twice a week, and CoffeeCrypt once a week.



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